Szkola Podstawowa nr 2 w Proszowicach

The organisation is the state school providing education and care to almost 353 students from the rural and provincial town area of Proszowice and 34 teachers. The scope of teaching is wide: from basic curriculum through well-developed vocational extra-curricular classes, eco-club, film club to dance club. We offer high quality teaching which is certified by relatively high results of national exams in native language and English and substantial percentage of champions in several sport and knowledge contests. The school is equipped with electronic devices like e-Register, overhead projectors and computer with wi-fi connection in every classroom.

e-School Educational Group

E-SCHOOL EDUCATIONAL GROUP is an Adult Education Centre and VET provider located in Greece. It was established in September 2003 with a focus on training VET and Adult Learners in skills that will be useful for future jobs. Since 2003, E-SCHOOL has been providing training and knowledge accreditation in ICT while providing professional seminars on specific topics. In the past 6 years, we have trained over 1000 unemployed individuals via the «Voucher for Entry to the Labor Market» programs, and over 3000 more trainees in our various seminars. Since 2018, we have participated in the development and implementation of Erasmus+ projects, both as a coordinator or a partner, applying innovative ideas aimed at improving education.


Challedu– inclusion | games | education is a Greek NGO based in Athens. Since 2016 it pioneers new models of learning, inclusion and engagement through game based methods. Our main axes are: co-creation game design workshops for specific groups (people with disabilities, refugees, people with dementia, young women etc). Creation of games with specific educational or inclusion objectives: mystery games, role model games, digital and board games etc. training youth- adult trainers or other professionals on how to implement games in their everyday professional activities.


EURO-NET is a not for profit association (born in 1998) that is member or associated member of 58 international networks (5 of them are EU networks: EUROPE DIRECT, EUROGUIDANCE, EURODESK, SOLVIT and EBN-EUROPEAN BUSINESS & INNOVATION CENTRE NETWORK). It is also recognized as OFFICIAL PARTNER OF EU PARLIAMENT in 2 sectors (ON-LINE MEDIA and EVENT) and has developed 77 its own antennas in 26 different countries in Europe. It is an information and project development center which co-operates with many public bodies and any other NGOs type to develop European programs.

Aydin il Milli Egitim Mudurlugu

Aydın Provincial Directorate of National Education is responsible for the central administration of all aspects of education (formal and informal education) and related services in Aydın provincial. It is also in coherence with 17 district national education directorates affiliated to itself. The Directorate’s main areas of responsibility are pre-school, primary, post-primary and special education; the promotion of community relations within and between schools; and teacher education. Its primary statutory duty is to promote the education of the people of Aydın and to ensure the effective implementation of education policy.

Adazu Vidusskola

Adazi Secondary School is an institution of general education established by Municipality of Adazi. It accomplishes curriculums of general elementary, basic and secondary education. Adazi Secondary School is the largest countryside school in Latvia. This school year there are almost 1650 students and 110 teachers. The School is located on the left bank of the river Gauja in Adazi – it is a little town next to the Latvian capital city Riga. Adazi secondary school is the largest countryside school in Latvia (this school year we have 1650 students in grades 1-12). We are located some 15 km from the capital city Riga. We provide students with primary (grades 1-4), basic (grades 5-9) and secondary (grades 10-12) education.