Augusta Ada King, or else the Countess of Lovelace came from England. She was a mathematician and writer, who became the first computer programmer, as she came up with the first algorithm to be carried out by a machine. She has worked along with Charles Babbage on his Analytical Machine, using her algorithm in the first computer ever, this making her a pioneer in this field. She was the first that had foreseen that computers could be used for many more purposes, rather than just calculate.
Augusta Byron was the daughter of Lord Byron and Lady Byron. Lord Byron left her mother soon after she was born, and left England as well. Her mother resented her father and fearing her daughter might resemble her father’s insanity, urged her towards maths and logic. Ada was a sickly child, but this did not prevent her from studying Mathematics with passion. As an adult, she married William King, hence her new surname, who later became the Earl of Lovelace, in 1838, making her Countess.