On Thursday, June 2, 2022, the partners met in Latvia for the project’s final transnational meeting. As the covid-19 pandemic is in remission, Adazu Vidusskola welcomed partners to its premises by having all partners present in person. The meeting was held at Adazu Vidusskola, a modern school that not only provides equal opportunities for all students to pursue – and thrive in – STEM careers, but also works to eliminate prejudice in these fields. There, they were able to go over the project activities and results as well as the remaining steps for its completion.
The partners have had the opportunity to go through all of the comments they have received and finalize the results of the project now that the pilot testing of the project’s results has been completed. When they saw that their hard work was appreciated and fulfilled the needs of the teachers and students who used them, they felt a great sense of satisfaction.
After that, and as the next step of the project activities, the partners discussed the preparation of the multiplier events and other dissemination activities that will follow in each partner country to raise awareness and provide information regarding the project deliverables to the target group of the project, which is primarily comprised of students and teachers. The partners also talked about activities they can implement to make sure the project will be around for a long time.